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We offer a wide variety of services aimed at improving community health and wellbeing. Pathology collection, Skin Checks, General Practitioner, Geriatrician, Medical Telehealth and Bulk Billing, Community Nurse, Diabetic Educator, Maternal Nurse, Women’s Health, Pap Screen, Breast Screen and Palliative Care.

Allied Health

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Our Allied Health professionals will work with you to give you the best care possible so that you can live a healthy life. Our Allied Health staff include Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapist, Podiatrist, Speech Therapist and Dietician, Audiologist and Optometrist. 


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Our Dentist offers General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Implants and Orthodontics (Braces & Clear Aligners).  Offering the best Dental Care with quality work, high standard infection control procedures and highly trained staff.

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Looking for a fully Registered NDIS Service provider?

Look no further. Our Health Services offer a comprehensive range of NDIS services and programs to meet clients’s individual need. We have the compassion to meet your needs, all while building the capacity of our clients over time and helping them to achieve their individual goals.


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Social Connections

Getting out and engaging with friends and the community is just as important as enjoying your home environment. We’ll help to ensure you’re able to lead a life that’s active and meaningful. We’ll encourage and assist you try new things or continue existing activities, whilst making friends – from hobbies, recreation, leisure, sports and arts to Community Programs like gardening or volunteering.

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Aged Care

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to give up on independence and life’s comforts. Our goal is helping you to live in your home for as long as you want.   We can assist you with daily life; medication assistance,  transport, meal preparation, dressing and grooming, domestic assistance, washing and ironing. Socialisaton is another vital support we can provide. 

Independent Living Units

We offer Independent Living Units. These are one and two bedroom accommodation units, in a village environment, for older people who are actively independent and able to care for themselves. The warm active environment where the Health Service is walking distance away, makes it a sort after area for older people.  



Neighbourhood House

Using an unique community development approach, our Neighbourhood House brings people together to connect, learn and contribute in our local community through social, educational, recreational and support activities.  We welcome people from all walks of life. Activities are generally run at low or no cost to participants.

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Health and Wellness Support

We offers short-term, secure accomodation to people in transition of securing long-term housing options. Housing support workers ensure clients can meet their housing goals, health and wellbeing needs, as well as find the right support services. Our societal effort is to help people achieve and maintain physical, emotional, and well-being. We offer availability of resources required for reasonably comfortable, healthy, and secure living.

Our Mission

Provide you with quality healthcare and support services as your holistic healthcare provider always here for you and your loved ones

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