Mallacoota District Health

Mallacoota District Health and Support Service Board Members

Board President and Executive Director

Annette Peisley

Annette is an active Community member in Genoa and Mallacoota.  She is the President of the Genoa Community, a member of the Genoa historical Society and an avid Indigenous plant food researcher. Annette is passionate about fairness and equity of access for remote communities. She has volunteered and founded many projects around for the community  


Vice Board President and Executive Director

Terry Houge

Terry is a retired Mallacoota District  MICA (Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance) Paramedic. A well known  Mallacoota community member through his service to the community. He volunteers his time in  transporting members of the community to specialist clinics through Mallacoota District Health. Terry trains the community in Jet ski and Boat license



Executive Director

Judy Taylor

Judy is a retired School Teacher with 30 years of experience and an active Mallacoota Community member. She is a member of the P-12 college committee

Judy is passionate about getting people in the community the help they need to live well in the community. She is a keen advocate for the Youth




Dr Jane Greacen

Dr Greacen is a Rural Doctor & Occupational Physician. She has a small clinic that was established mainly for the Aboriginal community.

She was a former Director of Medical Services for Bairnsdale Regional Health Services and Omeo District Health Services.

She was the founding CEO of the Rural Workforce Agency Victoria supporting the recruitment, retention, and professional development of rural doctors, and held senior roles with the Victorian Accident Rehabilitation Council, the Victorian Public Transport Corporation, and the Primary Care Department of the Victorian Department of Human Services. 

Jane is involved with conservation in East Gippsland



Dr Igantius Oostermeyer

Dr Ooestermeyer is a Barrister and Solicitor and the principal of a commercial and employment law firm.  He is  currently the Chair of MiCare a large charity providing settlement services for migrants as well as aged care services to the CALD (Cultural and Linguistically Diverse) community. He was a Board member of Dental Health Victoria; Harm Reduction Victoria, the voice of and for Victorians who use drugs; Annecto, a large disability and aged care provider and other not for profit organisations.He commenced his career as a publisher and bookseller, became an academic and taught in Melbourne, Papua New Guinea, USA and England. He moved on to become the assistant federal secretary of the federal universities academic staff association; joined the government and was appointed the CEO of the Occupational Health and Safety Authority, the forerunner of WorkCover.


Roger Jackman

Roger is a Mallacoota District Community Member. His experience is in multi discipline Engineering /International education – Teacher, Department Head, Engineering Faculty Associate Director (Multi Campus, Multi Discipline, 80 Staff, $2m Budget). TAFE State wide Coordinator – Social and Community Services Education – Childcare, Welfare, Community Development, Neighbourhood House Programs, Home and Community Care – (Course development and implementation ) Prison Education. 

Roger is an ordained Anglican Minister/Celebrant.


Jenny Warren

Jenny is a retired Mallacoota P-12 College Office Manager, Mother and Grandmother to Mallacoota District Health clients and an active Mallacoota District community member





Annual Reports

Feel free to download a copy of the Annual Report button below. Should you require further information contact MDHSS on 03 5158 0243

Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

Beryl Burrows

Beryl is a Mallacoota Community Member. She owned the Mallacoota Pharmacy for many years. Beryl is a long time and dedicated volunteer at the Health Centre. A great contributor as  helping hands in the Kitchen and is passionate about the design and healthy look of the Gardens around the health centre. She is a Member of the Health Centre Bridge Club

Ruth Abrehart - Secretary

Ruth is a Mallacoota Community Member. She has volunteered with at the Health centre SHED, the Community OP Shop, the Health Centre Kitchen. She is a Member of the Health Centre Book Club and the Sewing Group

Annette Peisley

Annette is an ex officio of CAC as Board President of Mallacoota Health Service. Active Community member for Genoa. Project Leader of the Health Centre Cultural Diversity and Indigenous healthy food garden. 

Mr. Roger Jackman

Roger is an ex officio of CAC as a Board Director. He is an ordained  Anglican celebrant Minister 

Kate Arendsen

Kate is a retired Registered Nurse and Midwife. She is a volunteer for the Red Cross. Member of the Steering committee for Mallacoota Bendigo Community Bank. Her contribution to Mallacoota District health has been invaluable 

Anne Mwagiru

Anne is an ex officio of CAC as Chief Executive Officer of Mallacoota District Health. Her passion is in looking after ensuring all people receive the Health and Wellbeing assistance they need to live well, valuing each individual’s unique need. 

Mallacoota District Health and Support Service

Become a member and have your say by Voting at Annual General Meetings

Membership is *Free*

Membership of Mallacoota District Health and Support Service (MDHSS) Inc is an Incorporated Association. Membership is open to any person who is 18 years or older and resides in the Mallacoota and Genoa District and surrounds. Membership entitles you to have a say in the growth of this Community Health Centre by voting at Annual General Meetings.


Any person who has reached the age of 18 may apply for membership and shall be provided with a copy of the MDHSS Rules on request.

An application for membership is made and lodged with the MDHSS Board Secretary.

The Board will consider each application for membership as soon as practicable after receipt. The Board has the discretion to accept or reject an application. The Board need not give reasons for its decision. No person may be admitted as a Member after 30 June until the Register re-opens on the day after the next Annual General Meeting.

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