Aged care

IN-HOME Aged Care Service tailored for you

MDHSS can help you live independently in your own home and community for as long as possible, there are many home care products and services available. These range from assistance with daily chores to personal care, providing meals, transport assistance, respite care for you or your carer, home modifications and social support.

You may be eligible to access Government subsidised in home support or a Home Care Package or choose to use a private self funded option.

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Getting older shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the lifestyle you want. MDHSS provide a range of in-home aged care services which are tailored to you and your preferences.

Commonwealth Home Support Program

Caring for our community by offering a helping hand.

MDHSS Commonwealth Home Support Program provides services to people who are frail aged or disabled, and their carers.

MDHSS Home Care Services focus on enhancing living at home and independence by providing a range of services to meet individual client needs:

  • Domestic Assistance
  • Personal Care
  • Property Maintenance
  • Respite Care
  • Transport
  • Delivered Meals.

If you or someone you know requires assistance,

MDHSS Commonwealth Home Support Program provides home care services for eligible residents.

Home Care Packages

Health partnerships with you at the centre of care.

Home Care Packages support you to be independent and remain living at home for as long as possible. Home Care Packages are funded by the government and offer a wide range of services you can choose to suit your individual needs.

MDHSS Home Care services are flexible and enable choice and control to support you and your unique needs.

This enables the needs of carers in the Mallacoota and district community to be met without the person being cared for having to leave the community. The aim of the program is to contribute to the support and maintenance of caring relationships between carers and their dependent family members or friends. NRCP facilitates access by carers to information, respite and other support, or assistance appropriate to their individual needs and circumstances, and those of the people for whom they care.


If you have higher care needs and are considering accessing home care, you will first need to contact My Aged Care by calling 1800 200 422 or going to

If your care needs indicate you might need a Home Care Package, My Aged Care will refer you to an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT, ACAS in Victoria) to complete an assessment. This assessment will identify whether you have high or low-level care needs.

An ACAT member will talk to you about your current situation and assess and approve your eligibility to receive Australian Government-subsidised aged care services. These assessments are free.

Clients receiving a Home Care Package have complex care needs over and above the mainstream Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) services.

You are welcome to have someone else perhaps a friend, MDHSS Community Nurse, family member or your care attend your assessment for extra support.

For service and support contact MDHSS your local Home care packages provider

Flexible respite at home and centre-based respite

MDHSS provides respite services for carers of:

  • people with dementia
  • people with dementia and challenging behaviour
  • frail older Australians (65 years and over, or 50 years and over for Indigenous Australians)
  • younger people (under 65) with moderate, severe or profound disabilities who are living at home
  • people with a terminal illness.

Independent Living Units

MDHSS is there to support and help you when you need it most.

MDHSS manages five independent units. The units, four one-bedroom and one two-bedroom, are located within MDHSS grounds. The MDHSS Units are located within easy walking distance of MDHSS facilities and the local Medical Practice. Access to on-site health and support services is available.

The units offer a flexible and comfortable lifestyle for people who wish to live without problems associated with maintaining a home. Residents who live in the MDHSS Units are fully independent and responsible for their own cooking and cleaning. They are welcome to enjoy the activities and programs offered through MDHSS, for example: regular lunches, craft activities, gentle exercise classes and bus trips. Residents enjoy friendship, independence, security and quality of life in comfortable surrounds.

MDHSS Units feature the following:

  • security of tenure
  • delightful garden setting
  • realistic entry contributions
  • low weekly rental charge
  • heating and air-conditioning
  • parking area
  • verandah at the rear of each unit

MDHSS living units are ideal for the person who wants their independence but doesn’t want the hassle associated with maintaining a home.

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