Community Development

Centrelink Agency

Centrelink access is available through MDHSS.

MDHSS Centrelink Agency assists you to

  • Get help to set up and access digital services
  • Ask questions and get a referral
  • Use internet enabled computers and printers
  • Get brochures and fact sheets
  • Call main Centrelink using a direct phone to services
  • Use the phone claiming service
  • Get reply paid envelopes
  • Use the fax and photocopier
  • Copy and verify identity documents
  • Fax claim forms and documents

You can use the self-service via a phone, fax and computer / Internet access during opening hours or MDHSS Staff can assist in  online services, completing and lodging forms, providing brochures and registering for Centrelink or Medicare.

MDHSS CENTRELINK Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday Thursday Friday
OPEN HOURS 10am to 12.30pm (assisted service) 9am – 5pm (self service) Closed 9am – 12noon (self service)

MNDHSS Neighbourhood House

Get involved with your community through Neighbourhood House.
The MDHSS Neighbourhood House aims to enhance the social and economic development of the community and is conducted on principles of inclusive participation, community empowerment, life-long learning and active citizenship.
The Neighbourhood House provides information referral and support to the community and coordinates various programs, including Health and community related workshops, Learn Local programs, TeleCentre and Centrelink Agency.
The Neighbourhood House support groups and activities are:
-Camera Club
-Pizza Lunches
-Birdbath Workshops
-Yoga Classes
-Exercise Classes
Tune into the MDHSS Healthy Living Show, every Tuesday morning at 9am on local community radio 3MGB 101.7FM
For up-to-date information on MDHSS activities you can Click to go to our Website Events Calendar


Digital technology training, scanning, printing and internet access for the community.
MDHSS Telecentre is Not for Profit with a mission to deliver Information Technology support services, at affordable prices, to Mallacoota District community.
– Computer, Internet and WiFi access
– Computer Skills Training
– Quality of life services delivered to the Retired & Elderly
– Safe, social & supportive environment for our Youth
Printing, Photocopying, Scanning and Email services
MDHSS Telecentre is a public place where people access computers, the Internet, and other digital technologies that enable them to gather information, create, learn, and communicate with others while they develop essential digital skills.
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